Sunday, June 10, 2018

Lines. Lanes. Construction (2018-06-10, 10th Sunday)

10   June  2018   
Tenth Sunday Ordinary Time, Year B

•• Genesis 3:9-15  •• Psalm 130  •• 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:4  •• + Mark 3:20-35  ••

Title:  Conscious. Connected.

[__01__]      It seems most of us view road construction – and the related detours – as an obstacle, annoyance?  We want to get around them or away from them ASAP.
            But, isn’t it true that this is also a  remarkable process that helps us to be safe, secure, and to survive?

[__02__]       Recently, as you may recall - Eagle Rock Avenue – was under construction.

[__03__]       …. & during the work, Eagle Rock Avenue had no lines or lanes,          I agree this was a hindrance, but  also found this thought-provoking as we drove up and down Eagle Rock Avenue without any yellow and white painted lines.
There were no boundaries. And, as a result, it seemed that drivers had to be more CONSCIOUS and more CONNECTED … TO RECOGNIZE.
            To RECOGNIZE, pay more attention (be  mentally conscious) that they were lines, lanes and boundaries…even though we could not see them painted in yellow and white.
            There were lines, lanes, but they were not visible.  Nevertheless, the lines existed.

[__04__]     God’s commandments can be this way.  Our choices between RIGHT and WRONG, GOOD & EVIL, sometimes are not painted in yellow and white lines for us to see. Or, we may notice the boundary only after the fact.
            Sometimes, these boundaries are absolutely visible and clear.
            On the other hand, at times, it might not be so clear.
            Consider a parent trying to raise a child, a family member trying to take care of someone who is sick or suffering. In such situations, we are called to follow the commandments, to be loving, respectful, honest.
            Years ago, I observed how hard it was for my parents to take care of my grandparents. There were many decisions to be made about their care. Some of them were ethical decisions. And, there were detours and decisions.
            At times, my grandparents’ home to be re-arranged in order to provide the necessary care.  It was, in a way,  under construction.

[__05__]      In the Book of Genesis, we read today about the EXPERIENCE OF of Adam and Eve.
            Their lives are under CONSTRUCTION.
            We observe they were given a very specific boundary to follow, a law to follow. They did not observe it.  Perhaps, they found it annoying or an obstacle to their freedom, like road construction or a detour.
[__06__]   The paradox is that they develop and come to understand their responsibility and freedom– and God’s mercy … not because what they do is right…because of their violation, their sin.
            It is a paradox that the boundary made them free. It is a paradox that boundaries and lanes on Eagle Rock Avenue enable people to drove more rapidly, more efficiently, more freely…and reach their destination and true identity.
[__07__]     The Good News for you and me is that we are free.  And, even our faults – the knowledge of our sins and faults – is what makes us free and helps us to know we are free.
            Asking for God’s mercy, for forgiveness is a free choice.
            Consider what happens when we have the inclination or courage to admit we are wrong to another person.. Let’s say I have the voluntary-will to admit I am wrong even to the person who may be reluctant (resistant) or unable to forgive. By admitting I am wrong, I am truly free.
            (More challenging – is when we have to correct someone else or tell someone to change, to re-think. These are difficult conversations we say …”I don’t really get anything good out of this.”   This person is not going to like me or like what I have to say. But in these instances we are also truly free.)
            My knowledge of the boundary makes us free.   Jesus has a new path for us, a new a road. He is the way, the truth, and life. (John 14:6)

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