Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Epiphany & The Eclipse (2018-01-07)

7 January 2018,  EPIPHANY / THREE KINGS

●● Isaiah 60:1-6  ●● Psalm 72  ●●  Ephesians 3:2-3a, 5-6  ●● + Matthew 2:1-12 ●● 

[_01_]     On this feast of the Epiphany of the 3 Kings, we read about the Magi – or the 3 Kings – coming from the East. And, they are following a star.
          They have left their own country and comfort zone to follow and see the child, Jesus, in Bethlehem.

[_02__]     Last year, there was big news about following – seeking – something – in the sky, in the heavens. Astronomically. Scientifically.
          On August 21, 2017, we had the solar eclipse. Many people went out to see something in the sky. They even went to follow a path – the so-called “path of totality” or path of total darkness.
It was visible from west coast / Oregon to east coast / South Carolina.
Why did we go out to see that – to see that solar eclipse?

 [_03_]      The ECLIPSE invited many individuals – scientists and non-scientists- to see things in the darkness that we cannot see in the bright light.
          In other words, when the moon passes in front of the sun – creating a shadow – we get a certain view that we cannot get when the sun is shining 100% exposed at us.
          Why did the Magi come to Bethlehem?

[_03.01_]            They come to get a view of the light – the light of God that is not otherwise visible.
          God appears in the light and appears as a small child to us.
          Isn’t it true that children bring us joy and information and revelation about ourselves and about God’s love for us?
          Children demonstrate to us the existence of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Of unconditionally loving another person.
          Children appreciate this unconditional love.
          Also, children give unconditional love in a way that we, sometimes, forget how to do.
          This is the star, the star of God’s love coming to us.

[_03.02_]     Children demonstrate to us the importance of forgiveness.
          Children also demonstrate a divine quality that we – as adults – find difficulty. That is – forgiving and forgetting. Or, forgiving and letting go.
          A child cannot only be forgiving but also can, in their way, forget what happened.
          In this regard, children resemble God because God is able to forgives our sins and forgets our sins as well.

[_03.03_]      So, children in their slightly small stature – and situation – represent the greatness, the power, the vastness of God’s love to us.
          They represent to us God in slow motion, we could say.
          And, the eclipse was a similar phenomenon for the NASA scientists and every physicist and person who went to see the darkness on August 21, 2017.
          They went out to see the SUN in slow motion, the brightness of the SUN in a way that is not otherwise visible.
          And, it does not happen very often.
          (The ECLIPSE was big news because such an event is not usually visible in North America or the U.S.– the next such eclipse is April 8, 2024. Save the date.)
          And, the eclipse requires that we have special vision, special eye-protection, glasses.
          Remember you and I could look up at the eclipse with any glasses or ordinary UVA / UVB sunglasses.
          It helped if you were a welder or a construction worker. They had the glasses already.
          But, you needed special glasses. And, remember there were people on August 17, 18, 19, 20 of last year running around …paying high prices for the glasses at the last minute.
It helped then if you were prepared, ahead of time …with the vision. The Magi – the 3 Kings, 3 Wise Men were prepared ahead of time with this special vision.
This special vision is not on their heads but in their hearts, a desire within to discover God – in the person of a child.
And, we are called to see and discover in Jesus as the newborn Messiah – and as it is manifested to us in the children in our lives.


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